Understanding The Importance Of Backlinks

There are a lot of debates about how do website owners make sure if their business page is up there in terms of ranking and if they are selected when someone searched for their company name or products. The simple term for that is Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

SEO is about being found online when a consumer searches what they need using a certain keyword. The application of that is for your website, on your social media platform and on any directories that you’re being very consistent in how you presented your business as well as your products or services. Every successful website or blog that ranked higher in Google is strengthened by powerful and effective link building strategies done by internet marketing experts. This link building strategy is known as backlinks.

What is Backlinks?

As explained in Wikipedia, “a backlink for a given web resource is a link from some other website (the referrer) to that web resource (the referent). A web resource may be (for example) a website, web page, or web directory.”

backlinksIn more specific and straightforward definition, Backlinks are the little links that come from other people’s websites back to your website. Those are important because they are what you need to get good ranking on Google. What Google does is they look at sites that link to your website. They look at the content that is on that website and most importantly, they look at the keyword or phrase that is in that link. It’s a big part of their algorithm the way that they determine what a web page is all about. So if you have links coming to your site from other website, those are called backlinks.

There are two types of backlinks in SEO; one is called follow backlinks and the other one is called no follow backlinks. This how they look like in HTML code;

<a href=””rel=”nofollow”>anchor text link</a>
<a href=””rel=”dofollow”>anchor text link</a>

In general, if you link from your site to another website or another website links to your website, those are generally regular old links; the default would be the do follow links. If you just link regularly, then it will naturally pass certain amount of SEO strength from site to site. But sometimes you want to link to a site without giving away your link juice. In that case, no follow link is recommended.

Google recommends a no follow link as the best practice to people who are either selling links or advertising when have set up a link to a page for any other reason that is kind of commercial. It’s Google’s way of trying to manage spam and make the decisions about what’s relevant in search engine. So if you want to climb up and rank higher in SE, the main thing you need to focus on are getting quality backlinks or links from other websites to your website.

How Do You Gain Incoming Links?

There’s a difference between a high quality and low quality links. So when gaining incoming links back to your site, this does not mean buying low quality links but generating some good content and making some good relationships online. How to do that? It’s all center around your website and the content on your website. You must have high quality content that nobody else has or presents your professional opinion on certain subject matters. If you do this, then the following steps become easier.

How Important Are SEO Backlinks?

backlink importance

Most SEO experts agree that backlinks are still king and remain the most important contributor of every top rank website. Being one of the most influential SEO specialists today, Rand Fishkin once said, “The old model of building links is dead. Backlinks are still important, but Google doesn’t want to count as links that you could build. They want to count links that you editorially earn.” This is how establishing relationships from other website owners is so important when earning quality and relevant links.

More importance of SEO backlinks are outlined below;

  1. Backlinks are very important as part of the overall algorithm that Google looks for when they are ranking your website. In addition, the keywords and content you’ve got in your homepage, the number of times your keywords are being mentioned on the page, title tag and URL structure play significant roles in the SEO processes.
  2. Backlinks tell the search engine how important your website is. The more people who vote or share your site, the higher the chance your website can get a better ranking.
  3. By obtaining high quality backlinks from niche-related site, you can connect with targeted audiences while establishing links for long term.
  4. It can help your website drive more traffic and therefore get more leads. So if you built a good amount of high quality backlinks, it will boost your online visibility and increase the number of your website visitors.
  5. They introduce your brand to the world and help in demonstrating the value of your website for search engines as well as your customers. Basically, if websites find it relevant to put a link to a site, profile or blog, then that site must be really important.
  6. They say if you mingle with famous people, you’ll become famous people. In SEO backlinks, when you link to highly important sites or resources, you’ll become an important website too. Positive attracts positive.
  7. Linking with websites that’s regularly indexed by Google bots allows your page to get indexed quickly. It will appear in search engine much faster than other link building techniques.
  8. Backlinks are a great way to build your online reputation as you get good partnership with highly reputable websites. By consistently doing this, search engine will automatically rate your website with excellent reputation that people can see.

To conclude, backlinks has a huge part in Search Engine Optimization and proved to be very imperative in getting better rankings. However, it is crucial to remember that they have certain characteristics that are carefully being evaluated by ranking algorithms prior to achieving the desired results. Again, quality is more important than quantity. A link built from a website with high page rank will count more than the one with low rank. Low quality links may lead to negative SEO that has become one of the major problems of many website owners. It pays to exert your time and effort with the long term benefits of quality backlinks.