Top 10 Tools To Monitor Your Backlinks

Many people who have not tried venturing in the e-commerce world think that operating an online business is very easy. They think everything about it is automated, and dismiss the idea as something trivial. What they do not understand is what it really takes to make a particular e-commerce store stand out from a full pack.

It takes some wild brainstorming, strategizing, and marketing tricks to ensure a business that it will be able to thrive in such a competitive industry.

As years pass, the e-commerce world has become so loaded that it will take much effort to actually last. It is difficult, but is of course doable when you put your mind to it.

One of the top rated tried and tested e-commerce strategy is SEO and backlinking.

To some people, they are different. But it is undeniable that those two are very much related to each other. They directly affect each other. A great quality backlink will improve your SEO scores and generate more traffic to your website. In the e-commerce world, more traffic means more sales.

When using backlinking in marketing your business, one must remember to always carefully review and monitor how it does on the World Wide Web. It is not enough to just use them on posts and expect them to drive sales for you. It needs your cooperation to maximize its potential of providing benefits for your e-commerce site.

Thankfully, software developers have spent their precious time inventing tools that can make backlink monitoring easier. These tools are what you should have bookmarked on your browser for easy access and faster results.

1. Backlink Watch

backlink watch

Dubbed as one of the easiest tools to use when monitoring the backlinks on your e-commerce site, Backlink Watch is a winner for newbies. It is user-friendly, and can easily be operated by first timers. It has the ability to monitor and return as much as a thousand links. It can also use API, which is what makes it trustworthy enough on the results.

2. SE Ranking


Probably the most popular and most used tool is this one. It is packed with useful features that makes it a default choice for e-commerce stores that has been in the industry for quite a while. For people who have understood how backlinks and SEO works, SE ranking provides so much more than just monitoring help. It also enables you to do rank tracking and keyword research, among others. It is like the ‘jack of all trades’ of these tools.

SE Ranking also lets you generate detailed link analysis, website audit, and social popularity metrics. With all its features, it is rightful to say that it gives the most bang to your buck. It is packed with awesome benefits that can help any e-commerce business with any product line.

3. Ahrefs API


This tool is where Backlink Watch gets it data, as mentioned in various studies regarding these tools. It provides highly accurate results that made it one of the most trusted sources of high quality links. Ahrefs provides a free trial where you can experience firsthand its features that will help you improve your page ranking. With its high accuracy results, most customer reviews vouch that you will not be disappointed.

4. Link Diagnosis


For users who are into details and really serious in search engine optimization and marketing, this will be a great tool. It has plenty of options to choose from when you are looking for high quality backlinks. Detailed reports on ranks and optimizations can be provided, and have other add-on features as well. It can also generate results of a backlink’s performance from a single page or even from an entire website. You take your pick, and it will most likely do it for you. The only downside perhaps, is that it works best in Firefox. If you’re a loyal Google user, you might want to tweak your browser a bit if you want to try Link Diagnosis.

5. SEO Spyglass


From the word itself, this tool is like a spy as it can closely monitor up to 15,000,000,000,000 backlinks. Pretty impressive, right? And for a tool that is relatively new in the business, it has absolutely piqued the interest of e-commerce site owners, as its user metrics have been steadily increasing over time. The backlinks they monitor are even more than Ahrefs has, so this one is definitely a must-try. There is also a paid version you can upgrade to if you think you need more than the gazillion they already provide. Thinking big when you run a business is always a great motivation.

6. Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks

For a tool that does what its name says, its developer is a pro in SEO. It has been around for quite some time, which explains its popularity among many users. Even without registering, it can give you as much as 10 results. Its full features include an overview of a domain, which is helpful in choosing where to source your links. They also provide SEO metrics and keyword search, which will make SEO an easier task. Plus, you can also have the option to disavow low quality links resulting to negative SEO. How’s that for a tool that can take care of that much?

7. OpenLinkProfiler. If you’re one of the e-commerce site owners who are cautious in paying for a tool when using it for the first time, you can try the free version of OpenLinkProfiler. Its free version can export as much as 100 backlinks, all compiled in a CSV file. They also have their standard paid version that can provide up to 200,000 backlinks in a detailed report. They also include other useful information including active and inactive links, so you have an idea if each of those is usable.

8. Open Site Explorer


Keen in comparing how a single backlink works in two different domains? This tool is the perfect one for you. It gives you the option to compare a backlink’s effectivity in two or more web sites. This feature is very useful when you want to check its performance on your website as compared to your competitor’s.

9. BuzzSumo


Initially referred to as a content marketing tool, this one has recently did a paradigm shift and now offers backlink monitoring features in its paid pro version. Its content marketing background is perfect for both SEO and backlinking, which makes it worth checking out.

10. RankSignals. Like Open Site Explorer, this one allows you to check your competitor’s backlinkingperformace. It will also provide you an idea of how you’re doing with your SEO, and can also help you in your own link building strategy. They also provide a great number of domains that lead to your site.

There are far more choices of tools available to make sure you are using your backlinks to its full potential. When you operate an online business, it is a must to learn as much as you can about its operations and how to maintain it.

SEO marketing and backlinking is the bread and butter of an e-commerce site. It is what makes it thrive, and what can improve it to make sure it can stand the test of time. In this fast paced world where everything seems to be driven by technology, business owners are required to keep up with the latest and most updated tools.

While high technology seems to be overwhelming at first, it should remain to be an objective if you really want your e-commerce store to work at its best. Make learning new technology skills and marketing strategies a priority. Find joy in it and watch your business grow.