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Ending 2006 And Moving Forward In 2007

Looking back, 2006 had been an eventful year in both my personal life and career. There was a good level of personal and business growth as compared to the year before. There was also a lot that happened that was beyond my control. While there were a number of occasions that affected me deeply, […]

Getting Back To Blog!

Finally! Since my last post 2 days ago, getting online proved to be much more of a difficult task than convincing a client to place his business with me.
Internet connections in Singapore, along with other countries in the neighbouring region have been severely affected by the 7.1-magnitude earthquake in Taiwan. Since early afternoon yesterday, my […]

Happy Holidays

Here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! I will be away until Tuesday, so meanwhile, blogging will be kept to a minimum unless I have time to whip a post up.
Catch up soon!
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30 Seconds Supermarket Shopping Spree

A company that I represented had a contest running in November, and I was fortunate enough to qualify for it. Qualifiers would then be given 30 seconds to grab whatever they wanted at a local supermarket.
The idea of a supermarket shopping spree is not new, but it’s always fun to be able to […]

Cultivating Good Sleeping Habits & Increasing Productivity

Pardon me for the disappearing act during the weekend. I was running a tight schedule, and on numerous occasions, feel that 24 hours is not sufficient to make a day. And since I spend at least 8 to 10 hours recuperating each night, my productive time is limited to a mere 14 hours the […]

An Early Christmas Gift

An Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66, the first ever shoes with the Tiger Stripes and were worn during the Mexico Olympic games in 1968.
Love the gift, Jan. And thanks for playing such a pivotal role in my life.
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Doing What You Love And Creating Value

Far too often, I hear of people saying they want to make more money, so they can live a life they truly want, and do the stuffs they really love doing. Is there anything wrong with wanting that? Absolutely not, because given such an opportunity, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to be […]

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