Powerful Tools For Your Link Building Campaign

What is link building campaign? Link building campaign is a process of developing an internet marketing processes with an objective to increase the number of links to a website. It is one of the most challenging SEO procedures accompanied by certain techniques and assets and requires creativity, awareness and tools to be able to achieve the best search engine performance.

effective-link-building-campaignEvery hands-on internet marketer or website owner needs tools to maximize their link building campaign. Link building tools help you save time and even automate the process. There is a huge variety of free and paid tools available in many software stores and online resources.

Below, we’ve gathered some of the most powerful tools recommended by SEO experts that are certainly must haves for marketers and entrepreneurs to make the most out of their link building campaign.


buzzstream-logoBuzzstream is an internet marketing tool with two primary functions; as a link building software and a social media tool. We will then focus on Buzzstream for link building. It works starting from prospecting to tracking and building relationships. So basically, this tool is very useful in obtaining link prospects, creating reports, tracking progress and request, managing contact information and email integration. This software is available only for paid subscription although it allows free trial. Beginners can grab it for $24/month for simple features or their highest paid subscription of $999/month for a complete and customized link building solution.


AhrefsAhrefs is a toolset designed to check backlinks profiles of any website, analyze competitor’s s keyword & search traffic, discover great contents for your industry, track keyword ranking, identify SEO issues on your website and get notified with your competitor’s new backlinks. Ahrefs offers free trial for users but its most popular plan is the standard plan of $179/month just enough to access most of the tool’s features. Use this tool with specific link building goal in mind and you’ll get the best of it.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEOMajestic SEO is a powerful intelligence tool for internet marketers, entrepreneurs and web developers accessible for free (limited) and paid subscription being grouped according to the amount of reports. Its basic functions includes the site explorer providing information about the top backlinks, top pages and referring domains, the backlink history showing the fresh and history index for a site and the domain information which includes the external backlinks and referring domains. In brief, it’s an awesome tool for analyzing a backlink profile. Majestic cheapest subscription is the silver quarterly plan of £29.99/month and their platinum plan (API access) of £250/month as the highest plan.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster ToolsGoogle Webmaster Tools is Google’s main tools to assist webmasters in determining website issues and malwares. This Google tool enables you to submit/check website sitemap, generate robots.txt file, check keyword searches, check website statistics, adjust Google bots crawl rate, provides internal and external pages and set domain to determine how the search engine displays your site. It’s free for users but in order to get access to this tool and utilize its full features, the first step you need to take is to verify if you are the real owner of the site. To verify your site, you must create an account and start by adding your website. You can easily verify your site by uploading an HTML file and once the verification is completed, you will be redirected to the dashboard. From there, you can access and utilize all the major sections relevant for your link building campaign.

Link Prospector

Link prospector tool is created to search for link opportunities where website owners can arrange partnerships, build networks or connect with industry related sites. With its powerful searching tool, one can acquire a large amount of data including site resources for guest posting, directories, link pages, expert interviews and custom opportunities. There are a number of link prospecting tools out there and one of most marketers’ favorites is the link prospector from Citation Labs. You can start from here for pay as you go with free monthly fee or subscribe for their agency plan (most popular) for $127/month.

Raven Tools

Raven ToolsRaven Tools is great for SEO, SEM and SMM professionals. It offers a full set of organized and easy to understand features that aids to track, find and optimize link building campaign. Basically, this tool allows you to track your campaign and metrics by just simply logging in to your account without having to download exe software. Moreover, Raven tools features competitor’s research section, site auditor reports, snapshots of marketing and performance metrics, ability to build custom templates for clients you want to display and multiple campaigns setting. The tool offers free subscription good for small business and paid starting from $27/month up to $107/month for big agencies, pros and affiliate marketers.

Market Samurai

Market SamuraiFinally, last but definitely the least powerful tool for link building campaign is the Market Samurai. It’s a reliable SEO keyword tool to help startups in researching and optimizing the best keywords for their niche. Through its keyword research tool, user can manually add keywords or phrase but if you already have a spreadsheet list of keyword ideas, you can import the file directly on it making it easier to submit and pull data that apply to your website and determine where to best invest your time and effort. Market Samurai costs $149 for the full version which is well worth if your focus is to maximize your keywords potential.

In any SEO campaign, acquiring quality links to your website is very important. It helps you rank higher in search engine, build networks, get traffic and improve your online reputation. Right choice of link building tools will help fix technical issues, optimize website and gain insights from your competitors. Utilizing tools is depending on your link building strategy and goals. Be it for keyword research, tracking performance or discovering competitions, there is a specific tool for everything.

Businesses should definitely consider investing with the best SEO tools because no matter how nice and ingenious a website is, if it doesn’t perform well in search engine and no sufficient customers to keep up the site, then all the hard work would become useless. This is how these tools are so useful and precious in many ways towards improving a particular website. The above listed link building tools provide innovative technical solutions to help internet marketers, professionals, entrepreneurs and website developers.