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There’s A New Search Engine In Town

An alternative search engine, Quintura provides visual search capabilities that display search queries in a graphical map that shows contextual relationships among words in the query.
When a visitor searches with Quintura, a cloud of related tags appear alongside the main keyword searched for on the top panel of the interface, while search results are […]

Getting Yourself A Temporary 10 Minute Email Address

When I was just starting out in internet marketing, the one thing I constantly found myself doing each night was to source the internet for information. As long as there was any content related to internet marketing, I wanted to know it. And because of that, I was always tempted to sign up for free […]

Sharing Your Mobile Content With XShare

MicroAppli, a mobile applications and services company started by 2 young National University of Singapore (NUS) graduates have launched a user-friendly, file-sharing application that allow mobile phone users anywhere in the world to share pictures, videos, ringtones and other files effortlessly with a simple click of a button.
Using XShare, users can send newly captured photos […]

Locating Websites That Link To Yours

An excellent way of locating websites that link to yours is to use the info: modifier. How you can do this, is by visiting Google and typing info:(followed by your URL).
For illustration purposes, I will use my domain name as an example. After typing and clicking on Search, an identical page like the one below […]

Downloading Videos From YouTube

Last night, Jan asked if it was possible to download videos off YouTube. I remembered I came across a website that allowed people to do that sometime this year, but never really paid much attention to it. On second thoughts, I should have bookmarked it since it’s a really niffy feature. “But why waste space […]

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