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Adapt And Change Your Strategy If It Doesn’t Work

There is a good reason why military strategists were vital back in the period of the warring states. Their duties were to advice, strategize and actualize. In the days when general-purpose machine guns and semi-automatic rifles were non-existent, winning a battle generally required meticulous planning and precision implementation. So forget about technology, it’s the […] To Launch In 2007

Recently, John Reese made a formal annoucement that he will be selling the bulk of his businesses, and would only concentrate on one. The ONE that he was referring to is According to John, would be the ultimate Internet Marketing and online business community cum training center for anyone serious about building […]

Have You Written Your Adsense & Affiliate Will?

Eric Giguere has written a thought-provoking post that I think every problogger, affiliate and internet marketer ought to read, and make plans for it while they are still able to write. Though it sounds a tad depressing, this is an area that must not be overlooked if you are generating a fairly decent income […]

99 Branding Tips for Poor Web Startups

Aviva Directory has written an excellent post on branding for sites on a tight budget. I prefer to call it guerilla branding.
I remembered reading about this on Shoemoney. Well, it made the list at number 82 on offline marketing.
82. T-shirts. Shoemoney gives away t-shirts emblazoned with his name/ logo and URL. It’s worthwhile for Shoemoney […]

How You Can Earn A Million In Revenue Using 5 Proven Strategies

Andy Beal, an industry expert in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has written an excellent article that will just about benefit anyone who wants to bring their business to the next level, although the article was written specifically for marketing agencies.
The five secret strategies listed in this guide are tried and trusted. I have used […]

Free MSN Adcenter Training By Jeremy Palmer

Earlier today, I received an invitation from Jeremy Palmer, an affiliate who does millions and also author of High Performance Affiliate Marketing about his upcoming webinar starting 15 December 2006.
The webinar is centered on MSN Adcenter, Microsoft’s new search advertising platform. According to Jeremy, he has witnessed a dramatic increase in revenue over Google Adwords, […]

Google Offers Free $50 Adwords Coupon

I was at Darren Rowse’s site and read that the nice people at Google has offered a Christmas offer to new Adwords advertisers. If you have any intentions of using or testing Adwords, then you will not want to give this a miss.
All you need to do, is sign up here.
Technorati Tags: Adwords, Darren […]

Getting Yourself A Temporary 10 Minute Email Address

When I was just starting out in internet marketing, the one thing I constantly found myself doing each night was to source the internet for information. As long as there was any content related to internet marketing, I wanted to know it. And because of that, I was always tempted to sign up for free […]

Gearing Up Your Sales For Christmas

In exactly 22 days time (at my time of writing), will be the most celebrated festive season the entire year round. This is usually the time when Christians and Catholics all over the globe celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Every year that day would see an annual dinner between schoolmates of my alma mater […]

If A 55 Year Old Can Succeed Online, Why Can’t You?

There was an article written on the local newspaper about 55 year old housewife Belinda Lee, who makes a comfortable income selling her very own handcrafted jewelry online through her blog. I am not sure about you, but whenever I come across somebody’s online success story, I am almost always inspired by it.
The internet […]

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