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Bloggers Slammed By WSJ Editor

According to Joseph Rago, an assistant editorial features editor at The Wall Street Journal, majority of blogs do not provide quality coverage as compared to mainstream journalism. Even prominent blogs are not spared from being called, horrifying.
The blogs are not as significant as their self-endeared curators would like to think. Journalism requires journalists, who […]

33 Rockers Has A New Owner

The website 33 Rockers, which was previously owned by plagiarist Karthik Kastury has finally found a new owner in Warren Cardinal, a web developer from Austin, Texas.
The Bad News About 33 Rockers.
If you had been reading 33 Rockers like I did, then you may have found the articles published to be insightful. Unfortunately, they were […]

The Ways A Blogger Can Make Money Online Today

The bloggers today, as compared to those in 1997, are a lucky bunch. Simply because, bloggers today get paid to blog. When I started my first website then, the only revenue that a person can earn from the internet was through banner advertising. And to have your site qualify for one, would require that […]

If A 55 Year Old Can Succeed Online, Why Can’t You?

There was an article written on the local newspaper about 55 year old housewife Belinda Lee, who makes a comfortable income selling her very own handcrafted jewelry online through her blog. I am not sure about you, but whenever I come across somebody’s online success story, I am almost always inspired by it.
The internet […]

Yaro Starak Is Starting A School!

I recently visited Entrepreneur’s Journey, a blog managed by young Australian entrepreneur Yaro Starak. Like fellow counterpart Darren Rowse, he makes his income primarily from the internet and has written more than a handful of articles from making money online to building a successful internet presence to small business branding. Although this is not […]

11 Effective Ways To Generate Traffic To Your Site

We know that for a website to be successful, there must be people visiting it. But what is it that gets people there in the first place? Countless sites appear on the internet daily, yet not many garner strong viewership like those of Darren Rowse, John Chow, or Steve Pavlina. Yet, what they have […]

Publish and Prosper: A Book About Blogging For Your Business

In the early days of blogging, the main idea of a blog was for people to keep an account of their personal lives. Today, it is not uncommon for businesses to maintain a record of one as well. An excellent case in point would be Their blog enables every staff to post company updates, […]

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