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Google Offers Free $50 Adwords Coupon

I was at Darren Rowse’s site and read that the nice people at Google has offered a Christmas offer to new Adwords advertisers. If you have any intentions of using or testing Adwords, then you will not want to give this a miss.
All you need to do, is sign up here.
Technorati Tags: Adwords, Darren […]

Google Has A New Toy - Website Optimizer

The good people at Google has launched a new toy for Adwords advertisers to improve the effectiveness of their landing page. Called Website Optimizer, this niffy tool allows you to test different versions of your landing page, and which one provides a higher conversion rate among visitors. The idea behind this, is to give visitors […]

Getting Certified As A Google Adwords Professional

These days, individuals who have been certified by their respective industry bodies as being expertly competent tend to be more of a favourable choice among potential employers than those who are not. Although this does not necessarily mean they would eventually be reporting for work anytime soon, it only goes to reflect the advantage of […]

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