How To Build Backlinks in 2016

Building quality backlinks is one of the most powerful SEO methods website owner or internet marketers can do in order to rank their business or personal page.

Of course, everyone wants to reach the first page in Google but this is definitely not something that can be done overnight. If you are really serious about building high quality backlinks, you have to invest a lot of time, patience and effort to reach the peak. One thing’s for sure, it is very possible if you implement the best SEO practices.

Quality backlinks enable your site to attract traffic and the more authoritative sites that connect to you, the better rankings and visits you’ll get. When building links, it is very important to track progress of your web performance and rankings so you’ll know right away if there are problems or concerns that need to be resolved. Google is carefully evaluating websites as well as the internet marketing effort.

SEO rules and Google algorithms are changing from time to time. Thousands of entrepreneurs are spending sleepless nights and hundreds of dollars just to come up with an effective plan to go with the changes and compete with the stiff SEO game.

What are these changes?

backlink changes

We’ve heard about the Panda update that enforced quality and well written content, Hummingbird that implements conversational search queries, Pigeon that forced local businesses to be more relevant and accurate in local search results, removal of Google authorship, mobile-friendly update that requires responsive websites and the most recent one, the RankBrain update which is a machine learning technology that helps process search results to determine the most relevant for particular queries; all of them have greatly impact many online businesses particularly their website’s ranking status.

When building backlinks, it’s vital to take the Google algorithm updates into account to ensure that your time, money and effort are not wasted. Before doing any link building strategy, you have to make sure that your website is ready for backlinks.

Before jumping into any link acquisition, the three basic things you need to go through are;

  1. Check if your site is technically optimized by fixing all the technical issues that affect user experience such as the site loading speed, duplicate content, redirects, mobile friendliness, 404 errors, canonical errors and incorrect directives.
  1. Improve site architecture which is about having a good website design, great structure and excellent user experience. Start with your homepage and organize your pages according to links and depth.
  2. Write quality, unique and relevant content on your site. Your website content has a huge impact on your SEO campaign and will determine the success of your internet marketing operation.

How To Effectively Build Backlinks?

This 2016, the best way to build backlinks is to focus on producing relevant content and building relationships with real websites and blog owners. By doing so, you can get rid of the penalties and help you achieve the long-term success you’ve ever wanted. Here are the top 5 effective and up-to-date strategies to build backlinks for your website;

  1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging on niche-related blogs is an excellent way to gain followers while establishing credibility and online presence. Find the top sites in your industry. There are a lot of blogs that offer guest posting opportunities for great writers. Try to be a contributor on those sites and write an interesting article that will benefit the readers. Usually these sites allow you to put an anchor text link of your site at the author section or body content. On the other hand, finding guest posting opportunities is not just about searching for usual niche-related sites. It’s imperative to locate blogs that are always updated, allow do-follow links, have good website traffic, have excellent DA rank and engaged readership. Some great tools you can use to determine the relevancy of a site are SEMrush, ahrefs and moz.

  1. Broken Link Building

If you’ve ever noticed a link, maybe a resource page or some kind of link page that doesn’t work and shows HTTP error 404 or not found page, you can just email the owner of that site and let them know about the problem. That is the best opportunity to make a deal with them. If you have a related article, email them that article of yours and of course, they don’t like linking to non-working pages so they’ll probably want to link to yours instead without having to go through and find another one on the internet. That’s another great way to build backlinks because it helps them out too instead of just serving yourself.

  1. Infographic Submission

Create an infographic with interesting information on a certain subject. Make it look nice and if the people like it, they’re going to want to share it with others and embed it on their own sites too. So what you do is to have the embed code where people can just copy and paste the code and put it in the HTML of a page on their website. When they do that, they will have a direct link back to your site for backlinks without having the need to email them or doing any work except for the initial blog text and infographic image that you submit in resources that allow infographic submission. This link building strategy can give you links for a long period of time and definitely helps you rank your site.

  1. Testimonials

You can offer valuable testimonials to get backlinks. If you leave a testimonial about products in certain websites, just make sure that they’ll allow you to put your website along with your comment. I’m sure most of you have hundreds of contract who would love to hear your thoughts about their products or services that they can present to their prospects. Make a list of your contacts and start sending them an email now.

  1. Link Roundups

Link roundups put a compilation of the top articles in a certain industry. Just find different sites that do weekly or monthly roundups and offer them your best article. The keys to a successful roundups link building method are by writing stellar content and building relationships with influential bloggers. Once they know you and become interested on your content, they will feature your posts as soon as possible.

SEO backlinks remain the best technique to improve a website’s search engine rankings even before the first Google update. As long as you’re doing it right, you don’t have to worry about dealing with SEO issues.