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Often, I find myself at a loss for words when I am tasked to give an opening message. Thus, this is one of those times there seems a growing number of incoherent thoughts caught in a bottleneck striving to make itself heard. Nevertheless, let us proceed.

A Little More is a personal blog belonging to Leonard Chen, a darn fine Singaporean residing in Asia. He’s in his mid-twenties and works as a self-employed professional. But rules abound in his industry, and certain regulatory measures irritates the sanity out of him. He’s not perfect, but considers himself fortunate to have a group of close-knitted friends & a wonderful girlfriend.

This blog started in October 2006 as an avenue for Leonard to document his thoughts and interests. His first blog began in late 2002, where he wrote primarily about his life. Interestingly, it garnered avid readers of sorts until late 2004, when he resolved to stop blogging due to heavy work commitments. He intends to write on a variety of topics he thought he should, but never did so previously, on

In his free time alone, he enjoys the company of his books, guitar and music of Steve Vai & Joe Satriani.

Leonard loves his family, Jan, & GG.

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