Don’t Stop Just At PPC Arbitrage…Build A Business While At It

For the most part, this post is intended to be written for PPC arbitragers and/or affiliate marketers who intend to get into the arbitrage game. But since I have absolutely no control over who reads this, or come across this entry, I think it’s best to have a brief explanation of what PPC arbitrage is all about.

A Basic Understanding
PPC, which stands for Pay-per-click is basically an advertising technique used by advertisers bidding on keywords they believe users will search for. Subsequently, these advertisements appear as ‘Sponsored Links’ on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or MSN Search to name a few. These links are shown beside or above the natural search results, and advertisers pay only when the ads are clicked on by users.

Arbitrage, in its simplest form is the process of making a profit through price differences in different markets. Buy low and sell high. That’s all you need to remember to begin.

Therefore in PPC Arbitrage, what you will be doing is paying for cheap traffic and selling them at a higher price. The differences in price will be your profit.

Back To The Main Course
The PPC arbitrage game is not something new. It has in fact, been around for a long while. Here’s a memory refresher. Do you remember clicking a link and getting redirected to a page with absolutely no content, but Adsense ads plastered all over? There you go, a MFA (Made For Adsense) page. Pages like these don’t offer any value to visitors and is there only for the purpose of getting them to click on an ad before redirecting them to a real content-based site.

The ads, being higher paying ones allow the arbitragers to cover their initial investment and make a small profit. There are tons of MFA sites around hoping to make a quick buck, and believe me, they do make money out of this. If 1 is not enough, then create 2. If that’s insufficient, then how about 10, or 20, or 100 of these sites that bring in profit everytime an ad is clicked. What might be considered a small amount of money can become big when you think of strength in numbers.

Just like how the internet has evolved to what we now call Web 2.0, these MFA sites have also followed on with the times as well. Web users are getting really savvy these days, and know an ad when they see one. In Web 1.0 style, users might still mistake those ads on MFA sites as links, but today, the possibility of it is much lower. Instead of slapping blatent ads all over the page today, arbitragers create content-based sites that people are searching for and are strategically positioning or embedding the ads into the content.

People are definitely going to stay around much longer now that the site offers some form of value to them. Sure, it’s probably not going to be the best since the content is going to be static and not updated constantly like a blog, but put yourself in the shoes of a user. Does it even look like a MFA site? No. In fact, nothing about the site tells users it’s a page made for clicks. Chances of users navigating the site is higher now, and this also increases the probability of them clicking on those soft-sell ads. More clicks = more dough.

But the main point I want to highlight with this post is the possibility of doing more with your Web 2.0 MFA page. Who says you got to stop at PPC arbitrage when you can also build a list in the process? You are already banking on cheap traffic that converts into clicks in these niches, thus you know for a fact there are people searching for information on it. I’m not saying you got to do more with all the sites in your portfolio, but there’s bound to be one or two that are giving you more returns than the rest right?

Find the ones that are already converting well and/or receiving a good amount of traffic and start building a list of names. You can do this by updating the site a little more often with new content and begin offering them something of value to their niche like a free ebook or have them subscribe to a newsletter, be it weekly or fortnightly, or monthly. You decide.

The bottomline is to build a list of people you know are interested to learn more about the niche you had left on auto-pilot, and then building rapport with them before asking what is it you can help them with, and then selling it to them either with your own product or recommending them affiliate products. Will they know you’re the person behind 100 or more of these MFA websites? Unlikely. To them, you are already an authority figure in this particular niche.

Do you see where I’m getting to? It’s a win-win situation for you. If the ads are clicked, you win. If there’s a sign-up, you win too, although not immediately. There are lots you can do with this list, and it is not going to be your only list depending on the number of sites you want to work on. So instead of just buying and selling traffic, you are building yourself a steady flow of customers you can sell to over and over again in the long term.

Last but not least, if you are already doing good with PPC arbitrage, then why not spend some time doing what I have just suggested and build yourself another stream of income?

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