Ending 2006 And Moving Forward In 2007

Looking back, 2006 had been an eventful year in both my personal life and career. There was a good level of personal and business growth as compared to the year before. There was also a lot that happened that was beyond my control. While there were a number of occasions that affected me deeply, it also made me realize I was in many ways, more fortunate than many others.

I started the year as I did with every other year, with resolutions and goals and not knowing what to expect. Along the way, some were either forgotten or dropped as they soon lost priority, and were replaced with those I felt more inclined to work upon. As the end of the year approaches in less than 12 hours, let’s examine some of those I felt made an impact not only this year, but also the years that will follow.

Relationship with Jan - I first met Jan some time in the last quarter of 2005 while socializing with a couple of friends. We didn’t get on to a great start; we barely even had a decent conversation going on. After we got together, she revealed I was nothing but a shadow that night. She has influenced my thoughts in some ways, and made me look at certain issues with a different perspective since, and I am thankful for that.

Health and Fitness - Despite the numerous amount of late nights and irregular diets, I am glad for remaining healthy still. Not taking this for granted however, one of my resolutions in the coming year is hitting the sack earlier, and becoming an early riser. This is not going to be an easy task, and I will blog about its progress soon.

My fitness on the other hand, has taken a slide with my failing of the annual fitness test that every Singaporean cilvilian-soldier must attend. One of the goals in 2007, is to have an exercise regime in place. Irregular diets have also caused my weight to plummet. I get engrossed when I’m at work and thus, have the habit of skipping meals. This is one area that needs to attention as well.

Career Growth - This year saw a 100% growth in the amount of sales generated as compared to 2005. From a business point of view, this would have been great news. Sales are up, and that corresponds to an increase in profits. Well, only to a certain extent. Although sales this year was double that of 2005, expenses were also higher which affected the profit margin.

People-to-People Relations - My work requires me to deal with people. In this aspect, I am fortunate that majority of people who meet and/or work with me have no issues with my personality. Certainly, there will always be a minority that can be a pain in the ass. But human relations have never been a simple task. My emotions get the better of me at times which causes a fog in my perceptions. Although I try to remain as level-headed as possible, I can get easily irritated at the sight of things that do not go well in my book.

Multiple Streams of Revenue - Not to be confused with Multiple Streams of Income, MSR refers to creating different income streams via the main source. Currently, I have 2 streams that contribute to my overall income, and intend to add at least 2 more in 2007.

Marketing and Education - Whatever you do, it is vital that you constantly invest in your education. I have a keen interest in marketing, and I see 2007 as a great start to invest and accquire knowledge that will generate a good amount of returns in the long run. Besides, nobody can take whatever that is in your head away.

So with this, I end my last post of the year. Wherever you are, I wish you the best in health and your endevours in the coming year ahead!

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