Adapt And Change Your Strategy If It Doesn’t Work

There is a good reason why military strategists were vital back in the period of the warring states. Their duties were to advice, strategize and actualize. In the days when general-purpose machine guns and semi-automatic rifles were non-existent, winning a battle generally required meticulous planning and precision implementation. So forget about technology, it’s the wit that mattered then.

But even the best strategist met with defeat at times, either due to factors beyond their control or complacency, and often had to review what went wrong from his predictions. The ones that changed their strategy bounced back from defeat and went on to win battles, while those who were inflexible continued getting defeated.

How does this apply to you and marketing your business online? For the purpose of this post, online marketing also refers to affiliate marketing.

There are 3 types of marketers in this world, and whichever type you belong to, determines the outcome of your marketing effort.

The Clueless Marketers - This group of marketers are the ones that begin well, but end up in the middle of nowhere. They start out with market research, planning, budgeting, brainstorming before moving on to reviewing and finally, implementing. When the results turn out to be less than mediocre, they feel demoralized and would say that 1. affiliate marketing is a scam or 2. they lack what it takes and 3. they know something went wrong, but don’t know why it went wrong and thus, decide to give up once and for all.

The Stagnant Marketers - Marketers that belong in this group work like a bull. They are mostly driven, and expect to see results fast. Like the Clueless group, they do their homework before embarking on their project. When results do not turn out as expected, Stagnant Marketers remain confident, believing that things will change for the better. After numerous attempts and time wasted, frustrations are finally felt. They would rather continue to use an unproductive strategy then taking time off to review and improve it; there is no advancement in this group.

At some point in time, experienced marketers may also fall into this category if they do not learn the new techniques and technologies introduced. They feel that it is unnecessary given their years of experience. This is when complacency kills their business.

The Thinking Marketers - Thinking marketers are also referred to as flexible people with drive. They do what is needed at the planning phrase, reviewing at the implementation stage, and if results fall short than expected, make necessary changes before working on it again. If results turn out to be good, they will work on getting better results. They are constantly thinking of ways to stand out, to build their brand, and to be different from their competitors.

They are adaptable to change and adjust easily to fit this ever-changing industry. This is also the reason why they are the winners.

Which group of marketers do you suppose you belong to?

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2 Responses to “Adapt And Change Your Strategy If It Doesn't Work”

  1. 1 Sunny Dec 31st, 2006 at 8:52 pm Quote

    good post…everyone, who is into making money online, goes through those phases I was one of the worst ones but I slowly learned

  2. 2 Leonard Jan 2nd, 2007 at 3:17 pm Quote

    Indeed. When it comes to making money online, perseverance plays an important role besides knowledge and such. Glad to see you’re doing well.

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