Have You Written Your Adsense & Affiliate Will?

Eric Giguere has written a thought-provoking post that I think every problogger, affiliate and internet marketer ought to read, and make plans for it while they are still able to write. Though it sounds a tad depressing, this is an area that must not be overlooked if you are generating a fairly decent income online or consider this your full-time job. Which means to say, your family is dependent on this source of income.

And that’s the key word here: business. What I’ve jokingly called an “AdSense will” in the title of this post is more properly called a disaster recovery plan for your online business so that if (heavens forbid) anything should befall you, your partner/heir would be able to keep the business running if they choose. They might not understand how it all works or why you have 100 domains to your name, but with the right information they could always hire somebody who could explain or manage it for them. Or even sell it, the likeliest scenario.

Eric couldn’t have said it better. I think the last thing we all want, is to make sure our loved ones continue to receive the money from the businesses and/or blogs that we have built online. Though writing a Will with the necessary information is a good way to begin, I don’t agree it should just end there. If I had my way, and provided Jan is keen, I will teach her what she needs to know so she can continue to run the show if she so desires.

Remember you are running a business, and as with business owners, having a succession plan is equally important if there are partners involved. The nitty-gritty details is the confusing part and that’s where your lawyers come into the picture.

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