30 Seconds Supermarket Shopping Spree

A company that I represented had a contest running in November, and I was fortunate enough to qualify for it. Qualifiers would then be given 30 seconds to grab whatever they wanted at a local supermarket.

The idea of a supermarket shopping spree is not new, but it’s always fun to be able to participate and walk away with a trolley full of free groceries. Ren participated in one earlier this year, and I saw her walk away with at least 6 months worth of diapers and milk powder.

If you think about it, 30 seconds is a short period of time. To begin with, the supermarket was huge, probably one of the largest that I have ever seen so running from one end to the other doesn’t seem like a good strategy. Needless to say, I have only half a minute to spare. Jan gave a list of items that she would like me to grab, but most of them were placed out of reach from my starting point.

The rules of the game stated that alcoholic drinks were not up for grabs, with the exception of beers. Ren has a Christmas dinner later this evening, and we’ve got a number of drinkers attending, including myself. And since they were placed only a short distance away from the starting point, it made logical sense to aim for that first before moving on to other things.

At the final blow of the whistle, this was what I grabbed in 30 seconds.

Beers and Diapers

Beers in Singapore don’t come cheap. The total cost of 3 kegs of Heineken, 3 cartons of Hollandia and 3 boxes of diapers were $500.34. The bulk of it, coming from the drinks itself.

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1 Response to “30 Seconds Supermarket Shopping Spree”

  1. 1 andrew wee Dec 30th, 2006 at 8:21 pm Quote

    Gee Leonard,
    which supermarket was this?

    nice haul!

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