Google Says NO To Images Beside Adsense Ads

Google has finally made their stand that no images shall be placed beside Adsense ads even if a space or line is drawn between them. Previously, an official statement had not been made pertaining to this, and many publishers had gone ahead with placing images beside their ads.

Here’s what Google has to say.

Can I place small images next to my Google ads?

We ask that publishers not line up images and ads in a way that suggests a relationship between the images and the ads. If your visitors believe that the images and the ads are directly associated, or that the advertiser is offering the exact item found in the neighboring image, they may click the ad expecting to find something that isn’t actually being offered. That’s not a good experience for users or advertisers.

Publishers should also be careful to avoid similar implementations that people could find misleading. For instance, if your site contains a directory of Flash games, you should not format the ads to mimic the game descriptions.

What if I place a space or a line between my images and my ads? Would that work?

No. If the ads and the images appear to be associated, inserting a small space or a line between the images and ads will not make the implementation compliant.

Does this mean I can’t place ads on pages with images?

You can definitely place Google ads on pages containing images — just make sure that the ads and images are not arranged in a way that could easily mislead or confuse your visitors. For example, if you run a stock photography site with a catalog of thumbnail images, don’t line the ads up with the thumbnails in a way that could be misleading. Consider using a full border around your ads or changing your ad colors, for example.

Examples of Adsense ads not allowed now include the following:

Adsense Ad Not Allowed By Google

Adsense Ad Not Allowed By Google

With this new policy in force now, I am certain many publishers will see their CTR decrease by a good amount especially the ones who have never tested optimizing their ads without images at different positions.

Does this also spell the end of Adsense Beautifier, a popular Wordpress plugin that allows publishers to easily add images to their Adsense ads?

Another question I have is, what if the images used are not directly associated to the ads? Meaning to say, if the ads appearing on a fashion website is fashion-related (which highly is, due to the nature of Adsense), but the images used beside the ads are about skincare, then would that be considered misleading?

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