Sharing Your Mobile Content With XShare

MicroAppli, a mobile applications and services company started by 2 young National University of Singapore (NUS) graduates have launched a user-friendly, file-sharing application that allow mobile phone users anywhere in the world to share pictures, videos, ringtones and other files effortlessly with a simple click of a button.

Using XShare, users can send newly captured photos and videos immediately to friends and family. They can also have them uploaded to their blogs and/or photo-sharing communities like Flickr, Snapfish,, 23Hq, Fotki, Pixpulse, Photosite, TextAmerica,, Smugmug, and CampusJoint currently.

Unlike MMS, Bluetooth, and IR, XShare works globally. It allows anyone in any country to send content to another person located elsewhere at any one time seamlessly across different mobile operators and networks. This is epecially useful for couples and friends who are in different countries and whom would like to keep in constant touch with one another.

An interview with co-founder and CEO, Sourabh Sharma had him saying:

This service is merely the starting point. There are many more content related services to be rolled out in the future. In fact one day, all mobile phone-users across the world would be able to share and access content on the mobile network, seamlessly across different countries, network operators, regardless of the phone devices. MicroAppli aspires to become the enabler for sharing, publishing and accessing of content on mobile devices.

Big dreams from MicroAppli. But since most mobiles and hand-held devices these days comes camera-equipped, and that in 2005 alone, almost 69 billion pictures were captured using camera phones, there is a good chance XShare can become the preferred choice for effortless P2P sharing between mobile phones.

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