Boost Your Conversion Rates With Attention-Grabbing Graphics

While a convincing sales letter would do wonders to your conversion rates, another effective way to boost your sales would be to use stunning and attention-grabbing graphics in your persuasive sales copy. High profile marketers use this most often to capture the attention of their visitors by strategically placing these graphics at places where they want their prospects to pay most attention to.

For example, you might have just launched a new product and will be giving a 30% discount to the first 200 people who purchase it. In your sales copy, you continue to stress the importance in being one of the early birds, and fervently promote this benefit. Now, instead of using just words to make known your offer, you can further enhance it by having a eye-catching graphic pasted next to it. Immediately, this sends an image of the discount to the visitor’s brain about the enthralling offer.

Likewise, if you are in the process of building a list by offering visitors a download of an ebook, you should use these graphics at key places near the opt-in forms. Graphics enhance the persuasive power to the already attractive offer at hand. However, use the graphics in moderation and not go overboard with them. Your objective is to get visitors to the Order form, not lead them away from it.

By combining the art of using words to entice, and graphics to emphasize key areas of your offer, you are vitally increasing your chances of a higher sales conversion.

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