Doing What You Love And Creating Value

Far too often, I hear of people saying they want to make more money, so they can live a life they truly want, and do the stuffs they really love doing. Is there anything wrong with wanting that? Absolutely not, because given such an opportunity, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to be able to do something they love, and not worry if there’s food on the table the following day. The problem however, lies in the way it is being followed through.

That is because majority of these people have failed to recognize that in order for them to make more money, they have to be either doing something they love, or creating enormous value in what they are already doing presently, which most often is a job they have no whatsoever interest in. The latter is often not simple to achieve however. Will you be fully committed in working on a task you don’t enjoy? By not realizing this, they are therefore, still working in their current job, performing the same mundane tasks, and thus maintaining their current value in the workplace. It is unlikely this formula will get them a pay raise anytime soon.

What has got to change? Simple, a paradigm shift would suffice. It is easy to speak of, yet the most difficult to implement. Most people have a fixed mindset that only by working harder, will they eventually earn more money to finally do what they love. This is by far, the dumbest thing to do. Not that it doesn’t work, but it is unsustainable as you will soon realize you are working primarily for money here, which will then make your passion a secondary objective. And as time goes by, you will slowly and eventually lose your focus and motivation you had initially. Back to square one!

The solution instead, is to focus on doing what you love to make money. By doing this, you will find yourself enjoying your work, thus giving you the energy and motivation to over-deliver, and that will propel you to create exponential value to your company and/or customers. It is amazing how money soon follows when you find yourself doing the right things.

Back in 2003, I found myself getting increasingly unhappy with my job in a local start-up. As a systems engineer, I interacted more with the machines than I did with the humans. It didn’t take me long to realize that while I enjoyed systems integration and networking to a certain degree, it was certainly not one I would picture myself working in for life. Needless to say, since I was not driven to excel, I did merely the work I was expected to do. I was going nowhere by retaining value, and not creating any.

3 years later today, as a self-employed professional, I am actually happier than I previously was. I enjoy my work, and the monetary rewards that come along with it. Am I doing as well as I hoped? No, because I know I can do better, and create more value for my clients along the way. Do I regret taking the plunge? Well, let’s just say if I were given an option to choose again, I would choose this path without any hesitation. It also doesn’t hurt to know I made a great friend and got to know Jan in the course of doing what I love.

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  1. 1 Jan Oct 31st, 2006 at 10:07 pm Quote

    is the good friend mentioned renee or gg? =P

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