Offsite SEO – What Exactly Is Backlinking?


E-commerce sites must always prioritize search engine optimization marketing strategies if they want to make sure they will stand out from the pack said Francisco Leon a famous Toronto SEO Expert.

Since competition in the online business world is very stiff now, it should be a given to keep trying to improve the SEO page ranking of your web site as much as possible. When talking about improving SEO page ranking, it always goes back to back linking. You can always use the SEO services of an external company, but you can do the keyword research and outreach in house.

What is a backlink?

external-backlinksBasically speaking, it is an incoming link to a webpage. It is intended to drive traffic that will soon result to sales improvements. The objective of developing backlinks is to reach more people who are potential customers to go to your website and pique their interest. When successful, these backlinks will swiftly grow your business.

How does it help a business?

No matter what type of business you run, startup or enterprise, and regardless of the product line you carry, backlinks have proved its worth when it comes to business and marketing.

It is mainly used in driving people to your website. In today’s technology-driven world, variation seems to be the key in order to last. E-commerce has become so rampant that it is very challenging to thrive and find your place in the industry. That is probably the reason why software developers have maintained the search for improvements, thus inventing more and more types of backlinks to use.

  • Internal links. These are the links that take your customers to a page in the same domain. For example, from the Home page, you can use internal links to take your client to a certain product. It could be from a blog post or any other content that relates to your item.
  • Low quality links. These are the links that drive negative SEO scoring. This includes spammy links, and could also direct your client to automated sites, or even porn sites. In your e-commerce business, you should remember to always watch out for these types of links and proactively do something to combat it. These links are the links you do not need in your business.
  • Linking root domains. These links come from a unique domain. When a certain site links to your website, regardless of the number of times it was linked. For example, even when a domain links to your e-commerce store ten times, it will still be referred to as a one-linked root domain.
  • Nofollow links. In link building, there is something that is called a link juice. A link juice helps your website gain as much good back links as possible to improve your SEO scores and page ranking. When a certain link does not pass the link juice, it is considered to be a nofollow link.Now, there are several reasons why a link would not pass the link juice. It could be a negative SEO link, it could be from an unknown site, or it could direct your customers to a spam site. Either way, they simply would not contribute to your promotions.
  • Do-follow links.In general, every link you add to your post or in any part of your e-commerce store that passes the link juice is a do-follow link. From the word itself, it will take your client to a page that will most likely convince them to do a purchase. Another example is when a link can help your e-commerce site improve its SEO ranking.
  • Anchor text. In basic computer programs and applications, they are simply referred to as In blog posts and in the e-commerce world, they are called anchor texts. If you are aiming for a higher SEO ranking through fresh keyword usage, anchor texts can do the trick. It is linking to another page or website using the keywords itself. It is pretty much hitting two birds with just one stone.

How should we choose where to link and backlink?

choose where to link

  • In choosing where to get your backlinks, you should consider the source site’s popularity and relevance to your business line. It would not make much sense to link to a website that relates to shoes when you are selling computers.
  • Remember that you should also consider how fast or slow a site loads. When you backlink to a site that loads slow, it is highly unlikely for people to go back to your site again. The site you backlink to is a reflection of your site, too.
  • Choose a site that can help you improve your SEO page ranking. A backlink is designed to help you with your ranking. Make the most out of it.
  • Make sure you only sure high quality backlinks. You should exert an effort to be able to identify which backlinks are there to help improve your business, and which links are just there to put your site at the far bottom of the ladder.

How do we get high quality backlinks?

  • Make sensible comments on blogs that relate to your business line. Spark interest to make yourself known to people. If you’re confident enough about the comments you post online, you can even use your business name and also provide link to your own website.
  • Publish rich and relatable content. The internet was made for information. You can make the most out of your e-commerce store by including rich, informative content that can attract your target market. When other websites like your content, they will be the ones to repost it on their own sites and you get marketing for free.

high quality backlinks

In backlinking, it has to be remembered that like in most things, it is still quality over quantity. The number of links does not matter at all, as long as you get to use high quality links that can benefit your business over time.

There is now a rise of paid backlinking providers, which might be appealing to e-commerce owners as it may seem easier to just pay. However, these paid providers do not give you the assurance that these backlinks are beneficial or safe enough to be used in your business. If not careful, negative backlinks can earn you a penalized tag on Google’s penguin algorithm system.

It is always best to research and do your homework. Take backlinking and SEO seriously, make your business your priority.